Project Title: Digital literacy enables up-to-date sleep medicine in inclusive healthcare

Project Acronym: eSleep_dHealth

Project Duration: 16. 10. 2023. – 15. 10. 2025. (24 months)

Project Budget: 250.000,00 EUR

Project Summary: Project eSleep_dHealth will transform 3 European universities into drivers of social innovations in the field of digital healthcare and digital sleep medicine. Students will engage in the co-design of social innovation interventions with the elderly population, a vulnerable group that is lagging behind in benefiting from the rapid development of digital medicine. To achieve true co-creation of social innovation, the digital literacy of the vulnerable group needs to be increased.

Project partners will co-design, pilot, assess, and disseminate innovative higher education training programmes in inclusive digital healthcare focused on digital solutions in sleep medicine for prevention, diagnosis, and therapy. Digital literacy content will be designed to support the wider community in collaboration with students. Teacher training in open pedagogy, design thinking, and fostering social innovation will boost the competencies of staff at partner universities.

A new curriculum and open educational resources on digital sleep medicine, incorporating the latest research data, will be created. Furthermore, a Social Innovation Toolkit for Digital Sleep Medicine will be developed, which will be a step-by-step guide to support the transformation of higher education institutions into drivers of social innovation. Finally, an inter-university interdisciplinary social innovation incubator on digital health for sleep medicine, focused on supporting vulnerable societal groups, will be piloted.

Project Coordinator: NetHub accelerator, Croatia

Project Partners:

  1. Reykjavik University, Iceland
  2. University of Crete, Greece
  3. Mediterranean Economic Foresight Institute, Croatia
  4. University of Split, Croatia

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